About Yachtseek Limited

What is Yachtseek?
Yachtseek was founded in 2010 after identifying a gap in the market for a directory of global boat and yacht builders.The website brings together a unique perspective to online yacht sales.The company’s founder has always had a passion for boat sales, working with a variety of marine companies across the South of England providing advertising and marketing support. His philosophy has helped develop a network of connections and communities throughout the boating world, that will yield results for both clients and the business network in the future. The success of the website is due to the unique combination of search engine optimisation, pr news and social networking that helps to drives traffic and sales enquiries to its network partners.

How does Yachtseek work?
Yachtseek is not a yacht brokerage. Yachtseek works with a number of strategic lifestyle companies and business consultancies that steer their high net worth clients to the site for purchasing new boats and yachts. Yachtseek supports boat builders by generating sales leads form outside of their existing sales infrastructure and dealership network.

Global Expansion
Yachtseek is always on the look out for new and emerging economic changes in countries where wealth may be on the increase. Our structure allows us to move quickly and set up a virtual platform for boat sales in these countries. This gives listed brands exposure to a new marketplace where they do not have a local sales agent in place.

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