Yachtseek New Yacht Marketing

Yachtseek was established in 2011, after identifying a gap in the market for a comprehensive online directory of new boats and yachts.

New Sales Leads
Yachtseek generates sales enquiries for new yachts and boats through its network of global partnerships, social media, newsletter database and website SEO.

By listing your brand and boats on Yachtseek, your brand will be exposed to new customers and clients in areas not covered by your existing brokerage network.

Why should you use our service?

  • Exclusivity
    We are NOT a large impersonal website offering 1000's of used brokerage boats and an endless list of global brokerage companies. We work directly with boat builders and manufacturers to supply them with new boat sales leads.
  • Developing Countries
    Yachtseek will generate leads for your brand in areas where you do not currently have a broker or sales agent in place.
  • Global Exposure
    We are constantly developing our global reach by partnering with companies that provide associated marine and lifestyle services.
  • Introduction Fee
    Yachtseek doesn't charge a listing fee. Commission is paid upon successful introductions.

How to Apply?

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