Yachtseek Strategic Partnership

The Marine industry is an exciting and vibrant industry, with over 70 global boat builders competing for their market share. was formed to reflect a completely new approach to selling new boats. The business works with lifestyle and business partners to generate interest and sales inquiries from high net worth companies and individuals interested in purchasing listed yachts and boats on

About Yachtseek
Trevor Hart founded Yachtseek in 2010, after working for an international yacht brokerage firm where it became apparent that that there was an opportunity to create an online resource displaying new boats and yachts for sale.

Trevor brings a unique perspective to online yacht sales, having the necessary franchising, marketing and website development skills which he has gained over the last 30 years.

Our dedication, established traffic and contracts with boat builders allow us to offer the right partners an exceptional opportunity in new boat sales.

We have secured contracts with a variety of boat and yacht types including dinghies, motor yachts and luxury yachts.

Benefits of becoming a Yachtseek Strategic Partner
Yachtseek is looking for strategic partners who have access to high net worth individuals, that would like to add a marine sales division to their existing infrastructure.

We believe that Yachtseek offers a number of key benefits that makes it stand apart from other business partnerships:

  • Access to exciting new boating brands
    Get the opportunity to help promote the sale of exciting new boat brands to your customers and clients.
  • Brokerage and online sales
    Generate an additional income from new and used boat brokerage sales.
  • Existing Contracts
    Yachtseek has contracts in place with boat builders looking for representation in various countries. New contracts are being sought and will be added to the network on a regular basis.

Could you be our ideal partner?
We are now expanding and have opportunities in all countries. If you are interested in being considered to join us in our continued expansion, we would like to hear from you.

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