Azimut Yachts

Azimut Magellani 76

Azimut Yachts was founded in 1969, by Paolo Vitelli who began chartering sailing boats. The company expanded its operations in 1970 when it was approach by major yachting brand to sell their boats.

Today, Azimut design and produces yachts of beauty with intrinsic values which include comfort, safety features, level of technology and elegant living solutions.

Design, technology, materials, components and human expertise are all Azimut hallmarks that meet a higher standard: quality. This philosophy is possible because Azimut has put its income back into the company, over more than forty years, investing in personnel training, technological research, product development and the upgrading of plants and structures. Only in this way has it been possible to be the number one boatyard of choice worldwide for the construction of megayachts for 15 years.


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