Axopar 24

Axopar is the newest Finnish brand of premium range motorboats. The Axopar concept is based on the unique advantages of RIB boats. Outstanding handling, lightweight construction and safety at sea.

Axopar is a combination of the founder’s existing portfolio of successful well known Scandinavian boats, Aquador, XO Boats and Paragon Yachts.

The fun-inspired design of the Axopar is well-made, competitively priced and instantly recognisable by its cool looks.

Global sales have seen over 1,000 boats sold with 2018 sales looking to exceed all expectations.


Models: Axopar

Axopar 24
Axopar 24 Open
Axopar 24 T Top
Axopar 28 Cabin
Axopar 28 Open
Axopar 28 T Top
Axopar 37 Cabin
Axopar 37 SC
Axopar 37 Sun Top
Axopar 37 T Top

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